Aimee Dronet

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November 6  

Aimee Dronet

Birth Date: May, 1976

Number of Children: 3

One Fun Fact About You: “I went back to school at 40 years old to be a cosmetologist which was my dream and now I am a hairstylist and I own a hair salon!”

What is your favorite quote about motherhood?

“To be honest, I’m just winging it…Life, Motherhood, My eyeliner, Everything.”

Your Favorite Scripture: “The Beatitudes are my ABSOLUTE favorite!  I read them daily.”

What piece of advice has helped you most as a mother?

“Honestly… the best piece of advice was ‘enjoy them now because they grow up so fast’!  It’s a super common and simple answer but it is so true!  One day you’re holding this tiny baby and then you blink and they’re in college!  I made sure to make memories with my girls and still do, no matter how old they get!!!”

What is your favorite thing one of your children has said to you?

“Thank You!  When my children actually think to ‘thank’ me.  It reminds me that they really do see everything I do for them.”

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