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February 4  

“If anyone has this task of advancing the dignity of women in the Church and society, it is women themselves, who must recognize their responsibility as leading characters. There is still much effort to be done, in many parts of the world and in various surroundings, to destroy that unjust and deleterious mentality which considers the human being as a thing, as an object to buy and sell, as an instrument for selfish interests or for pleasure only. Women themselves, for the most part, are the prime victims of such a mentality. Only through openly acknowledging the personal dignity of women is the first step taken to promote the full participation of women in Church life as well as in social and public life.”

– St. Pope John Paul II

Christifideles Laici

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  • I love this! I see the truth of it more now in the present cultural climate than at any other time that I can remember. I don’t know if that’s because I have matured or because the times are worse. Either way, it is worth shouting from the rooftops!

    • Thank you for your reflection – I couldn’t agree with you more! Against the devastated landscape of the current climate, these words are amazingly prophetic.
      MIHC Team

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