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Our Mission

To encourage women who have embraced the call to openness to life by proclaiming the radically Christ-like nature of motherhood.

Our community was founded to give you the support and spiritual nourishment you need in your vocation as a Catholic mother.

Mighty Is Her Call elevates Catholic mothers by reimagining the vocation of motherhood as a sacred and worthy life calling united to Christ’s total gift of self.

The path of motherhood is the path of sainthood.  Motherhood is the most beautiful challenge, the most holy endeavor, and the most loving sacrifice.  

Every podcast, post and retreat from Mighty Is Her Call is prayerfully created and designed to strengthen and encourage Catholic mothers just like you to lead holy and fulfilling lives.

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Our Team

Patricia Phillippi

Nice to meet you! I’m Patricia, a contemplative at heart who is standing on sacred ground in the uninvited life of single motherhood. I claim a profound JOY in getting to lavish my four children with a faith-affirming presence. My hero-mentor is my dear mother, whose apostolate of holy motherhood formed my blueprint for life. I am drawn to Mighty Is Her Call as a conduit of grace for all the ways it acknowledges, appreciates, and encourages mothers in their gift-of-self offering. My graduate work in psychology from Divine Mercy University inspired my interest in vocational flourishing. Getting to share the fruit of my education and training with this mighty ministry is a dream come true. When I am not wearing my director’s hat, I am likely fixing something around the farm, hanging out with my children, or contemplating the sweetness of God’s mercy.

Kathryn Rombs

I'm Kathryn Rombs, the grateful mother of a sometimes-edgy-always-radiant family whom I have thrown my whole heart and soul into raising. I spent twelve years off and on homeschooling. I also teach philosophy part-time at the University of Dallas. I currently live with my family in Rome where I am pursuing a baccalaureate in theology at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (aka the Angelicum). More than anything I relish the simple moments of being with my family. I love Mighty Is Her Call, especially in its lifting up so many Catholic mothers and being a platform for their various talents, messages, charisms and gifts. I love that this ministry is a chance for the Church and world to see more clearly the sacredness of Catholic motherhood. It’s a vocation as powerful as becoming a nun in being that chance to live a radical Christ-like calling. I love hearing from you!

Jolly Hormillosa

I’m Jolly! It’s my real name. My husband and I have six living babies ranging from seven months to twenty-three years and two in heaven cheering us on. I have watered the holy ground of motherhood with tears, and the joy that has grown in my soul is so real that I can be caught with my head back and my always-slightly-unkempt long hair, laughing the loudest in the room. Catholic, open-to-life motherhood is my high adventure in the spiritual life, a poignant path of constant cross-to-resurrection conversion wooing me to surrender, receive, and cast off the bondage of false identity to uncover my most sacred desire - to give my life as a sacrificial gift—to revel in the joy of living radically like Christ. This is how I am becoming Jolly. I wear many hats for Mighty Is Her Call - speaking and writing about the beautiful, heartbreaking journey of Catholic motherhood is a joy beyond imagination!

Annie Muller

I grew up in a small town in East Texas as a Protestant missionary, moved to the big city in my early twenties, came into the Catholic Church, and then fell in love with the kindest man I had ever met. The next thing I knew I had seven kids, and a full, messy, noisy life replete with more joy, tears, hope, and love than I could have ever imagined. My understanding of open-to-life motherhood has changed and evolved over two decades of mothering and I grow more grateful for its abundance and refinement with each passing year. I wear many hats, including Director of Development and Advancement for Mighty Is Her Call, Health Coach, and grandmother, but the vocation of motherhood is my greatest blessing.

Kimberly Wright

My vocation as wife and mother has been a beautiful, albeit sometimes chaotic and challenging, journey. Among other things, it has included the birth of our fifth child and only son just months before my 45th birthday, sending two little saints to Heaven, working jobs inside and outside our home while also homeschooling, and supporting my husband as he pursues his dreams. My diverse experiences have shaped my beliefs that the only “right” way to be a modern, Catholic woman is to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to support other mothers as they do the same.

Sarah Hull

Hi! My name is Sarah. I love working with Mighty Is Her Call and deepening my faith. The blog is my go-to for Catholic mother wisdom and inspiration. Sharing and listening to other moms is key for me to not feel alone in the domestic chaos.
I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Louisiana State University. While working in marketing, I discovered my real love is the graphic design side of business marketing. With work and much self-study, I began working as graphic and web design specialist in 2006. It is very gratifying to see that my creations assist in helping other mothers be supported in their vocation.
Currently, I also enjoy the duties of being a wife and the homeschooling mother of two beautiful daughters. I am so thankful that my chosen profession allows me to work primarily from home and to be with and care for our family.