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Mighty Is Her Call Team // Scripture: A Mother's Lens


January 29  

Moved by the Spirit, he went into the temple courts . . . [Simeon] took [Jesus] in his arms and praised God saying . . . “You may now dismiss your servant in peace, for my eyes have seen your salvation’” (Lk 2:27-28, 30).

Can you imagine being given the Messiah? Mary now gives back the tender, forty-day-old baby, knowing he belonged to the Father already. Simeon and Anna had waited their entire lives for this king. How poignant to behold in the arms of his mother, the baby Jesus—the humble, tender, vulnerable, pure God-man. Simeon and Anna had remained steadfast in their waiting and watching, and now he had come. Because they had dedicated their lives in a spirit of advent, and prepared their hearts with prayer and fasting, the presence of God within them bore witness to the reality of this infant God. With joy they stood as chosen ones to witness the fulfillment of the promise—the light of the world had come! They had waited upon the Lord, and he had heard their cry for a savior!

Contemplate for a moment your calling of sacrificial love in motherhood. Have you entrusted your children to God, but find it hard to remain steadfast in waiting for the fulfillment of his promises? Are you waiting for a child to have a change of heart, a change of behavior or of attitude? Are you waiting for the whining to subside and the homework to improve; for the laundry pile to stop growing exponentially? Are you waiting for fulfillment of the light of Christ in the midst of a serious physical or mental health issue that your child faces? Do you long for the fresh light of the hope of Jesus to bathe your heart? 

Dear Lord, grant me the grace to give each one of my children back to you, Abba, my Father. Blessed Mother, pray that I might loosen my grip, surrender, and find light in the daily work of raising children. Help me to remain steadfast, waiting peacefully within the vigils chosen for me. Please give me the strength to walk in the footsteps of Simeon and Anna, who never gave up hope while waiting. Jesus, light my way. Give me the strength to choose your vulnerable, tender, sacrificial path that is the answer to all of my sacred desires. May I witness and reflect the light of undying faith to my children. I wait for the unfolding of your glory in my motherhood. 


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