A Hug from Jesus


November 24  

“Mommy, I want one too,” my daughter cried as her sister walked into the house with a small bouncy ball she had received at a school carnival. “Why can’t I have one?!” As a mom of three, the squealing over what one sibling deems to be unfair is not something new, but this was our sweet middle child—a fierce young lady who never gives up. I knew that if I did not bargain with her, our family would be held hostage the rest of the day by her pleas.

“Okay. I know you are disappointed, but let’s go to the store, and if you find a bouncy ball, you get it! How does that sound?”

“Deal!” she lovingly squealed. And out the door we all went—she on a mission, and I happy that we could get back on track in getting our weekend errands done.

As expected, our sweet girl looked in every corner, aisle, and check-out counter for a bouncy ball, fully determined to get what she believed she deserved. And as she grew more upset again, realizing that perhaps she would be unsuccessful, she found not just one, but a “quarter” machine full of them. Jumping in delight, she reached for my hand to ask for a quarter. Although I often get irritated at the check-out counter and at my kids’ last plea to get what they want, I was amused by how blessed my daughter was. “What a gift,” I thought, “to find what you have been searching for.” As my young daughter jumped up and down with glee, I celebrated with her and exclaimed, “How great it is to have a big hug from Jesus! You are so blessed!”

It was not just my daughter who felt Christ’s warm embrace that day, but I did as well. What an incredible gift that he offered me in that simple, ordinary moment—the gift of feeling his profound presence through the view of a child. The childlike wonder that moms encounter each day are incredible moments—profound moments that offer an opportunity for faith, hope, and love to flourish in our domestic churches. Truly, it is also in these moments that we also find what we have been searching for. In the deep desire and longing that motherhood places upon our hearts, we are finding our way back to Jesus Christ. Seeing the Faith come alive through the spirit of my child is indeed a gift. May I never reject it or take it for granted.

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