From Grumbling to Joy

Whenever I hear the readings for today’s Mass, I’m tempted by the grumbling to be discouraged all over again. In the First Reading, the whole Israelite community grumbled; in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he has to exhort the people not to live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds; and in the Gospel, those who had just eaten of the miraculous multiplication of loaves were taunting…

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September 11, 2021

St. Rita Catholic Community

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Memories From The Wichita Retreat

Rave Reviews from Wichita Retreat

"This retreat not only brought joy, but changed my life! I was able to understand myself better, my struggles . . . even just in brief moments of the talks . .  so much wisdom was received. Love, love, loved it!"

Laura  // Wichita Mom

"My favorite part of the MIHC Retreat was the speakers. Also, beginning the day with Mass, and then Adoration and time for Confession. It was truly a blessing! I am so glad I came!"

Beth // Wichita Mom

"Loved everything about this retreat! The speakers and topics were great. I loved the opportunity for Confession. Something I did not expect was creating new strong friendships with other women at my table."

Wichita Mom

“I liked all of the speakers -  to get to know and share in “real life” stories of the trials and the journey of faith. I was pleased to see women of all ages and stages of motherhood."

Wichita Mom

"I would recommend A Mighty Is Her Call Retreat because it is a restorative experience - like receiving a gift spiritually."

Wichita Mom

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We Are On A Mission!

Mighty Is Her Call is a Catholic mothers’ ministry that encourages women who have embraced the call to openness to life by proclaiming the radically Christ-like nature of motherhood.

We do this through: 

     -Retreats in communities throughout the nation 

     -Daily Blog lifting up many voices of open-to-life Catholic mothers

     -Mother's Balls in downtown Dallas

     -Pilgrimages for Mothers in Rome

     -Building a community of “Mothers helping mothers helping mothers” 

     -Resources for Catholic mothers

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