Gratitude and a Heart at Peace 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Liturgically, I have other favorites, but Thanksgiving has always been a special time for me and my family. Growing up, we often had to go without. Food was often scarce, although we were never starving, and I rarely knew what it was like to feel full. My mom always worked very hard to make Thanksgiving beautiful, and God always provided extra for us on that…

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MIHC Announcements!

Motherhood: An Extraordinary Vocation

Dr. Kathryn Rombs
Presentation at
University of Dallas


Our personally customizable audio retreats were created to help meet the spiritual needs of busy moms in any circumstance. 

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Memories From The Wichita Retreat

"My favorite part of the MIHC Retreat was the speakers. Also, beginning the day with Mass, and then Adoration and time for Confession. It was truly a blessing! I am so glad I came!"

Beth // Wichita Mom

"Loved everything about this retreat! The speakers and topics were great. I loved the opportunity for Confession. Something I did not expect was creating new strong friendships with other women at my table."

Wichita Mom

“I liked all of the speakers -  to get to know and share in “real life” stories of the trials and the journey of faith. I was pleased to see women of all ages and stages of motherhood."

Wichita Mom

"I would recommend A Mighty Is Her Call Retreat because it is a restorative experience - like receiving a gift spiritually."

Wichita Mom

"This retreat not only brought joy, but changed my life! I was able to understand myself better, my struggles . . . even just in brief moments of the talks . .  so much wisdom was received. Love, love, loved it!"

Laura  // Wichita Mom

We Are On A Mission!

Mighty Is Her Call is a Catholic mothers’ ministry that encourages women who have embraced the call to openness to life by proclaiming the radically Christ-like nature of motherhood.

We do this through:

  • - Retreats in communities throughout the nation
  • - Daily Blog lifting up many voices of open-to-life Catholic mothers
  • - Mother's Balls in downtown Dallas
  • - Pilgrimages for Mothers in Rome
  • - Building a community of “Mothers helping mothers helping mothers”
  • - Resources for Catholic mothers